"Not only can he play thick licks, but he has strong vocals as well."

- Jimmy Arber Eguide Magazine

The Irish Mexican slings his guitar all over Texas pursuing musicianship of the highest standard. He began playing guitar at age six on a 1969 Alvarez dreadnaught instructed by his father. Learning all the open major and minor chords, the building blocks for acoustic rock & folk music was practiced and played.

  It wasn't long and he was asking for an electric guitar. An agreement was made between teacher and student. That when he could play his father’s best song, "Needle and the Damage Done", perfectly, an electric guitar would be in his hands. A week later an Aria Pro II Les Paul style could be heard from the home every day after school through a no name amplifier.


 His blue collar parents filled the home with the energy of Rock n' Roll. Chuck Berry’s greatest hits was the first record played on a Sears record player. The beginning of a record collection was alive and the study, love and passion for music born. His mother played all the AC/DC records from 74' Jailbreak to Black n' Back. Then she really opened her children's minds, Richard & Jarrod with everything James Marshall Hendrix. After a long week of cutting glass his father would turn up the Pioneer 88's and get "Mellow Down Easy" with ZZ/Top. A pure Rock n' Roll family.


In the fifth grade for show in tell Richie gave his first guitar lesson to his class with a five question quiz. By this time an Ibanez Destroyer was in the arsenal with a Peavey 20-watt amp.  Confidence was building up enough to perform in a band. The debut was at the Elks Lodge B.P.O.E 1832 in Pasadena, TX. with Harry and the other Country. A red Ibanez Destroyer was pulled from a case labeled "the Music Man”, and hit the stage with a bundle of nerves and a pocket full of chords. Following the changes of "Your cheatin' heart" and " Whiskey Trip" lead to the versatility of the guitarist.

Now exposed to working musicians, the young guitar player began playing in bands across the Houston-Metro music scene professionally at age 13. Honing the craft by live performances and formal study of the instrument by local instructors showed progression. Being a listener in the audience strummed his heart as well. Listening to local bands brought the opportunity for auditions to perform out across the Lone Star State and the mid-West. These tours across the Mid-West, Ark-la-TX, and the Gulf coast sparked a voice. By age seventeen the lead guitarist was also the lead singer of his own group named ENSYDE.


After quitting high school to play music then returning to graduate with a music scholarship. Jazz and Classical music was flooding into ears and heart of this striving musician. Through his study at San Jacinto Jr. college writing, recording and performing his Progressive Rockin Latin Jazz Funk Texas sling style was constant. Local producers and production companies worked to land a record deal. A couple strikes of interest developed into broken production deals sending the music back home to Texas from Los Angeles, California.


You can hear that the passion has never died when you hear the driving orchestrated sound of self-produced TxGtrSlinger, Richard E. Callahan. RECNOW.com will be the place to find the unique original sound of  R.E.C. as well as instruction in guitar. Sign up to receive updates on performances, music releases and Six String Studies.